FIBREE Tokenization Challenge - Winners announced!!

On October 15th, the final deadline for the FIBREE Real Estate Tokenization Challenge arrived. The Tokenizer has followed this exciting contest throughout from Day 1.

Sponsored by Blocksquare, the Challenge has exceeded all expectations with more than 50 teams from across the globe applying and competing to tokenize a single property. The first three participants to successfully tokenize a single real estate property will be awarded with their own white-label real estate tokenization platform powered by Blocksquare — an award worth more than 150,000 EUR in licenses and services.

Here are the teams who finished in the top positions:


Evandro Rodrigues da Silva, CEO

Henrique Conte

Bravo Incorporations is an 8 year old engineering company, specialized in BIM and with a project pipeline already available for tokenization Based in Brazil.  Award: EUR 50,000 in Blocksquare services and products


Kennedy & Goci

Theresa Kennedy

John Goci

A team of two real estate entrepreneurs, Theresa and John, who teamed up for this challenge. With a background across real estate, Theresa Kennedy sits as Director on the Atlantic City & County Board of Realtors in New Jersey. CEO at John Goci Realty powered by eXp, John Goci comes from a successful background as a sole proprietor in retail and business development. Award: EUR 50,000 in Blocksquare services and products



Moises Segure

Based out of Spain and led by Moises Segura, Tokeniza provides Legal, Tokenomics, CRM and Technology to the sector. Award: EUR 50,000 in Blocksquare services and products



Dan Lazar

James Lynch

Led by former Romanian tennis player and serial entrepreneur Dan Lazar, HeroX is based out of Australia. Lazar raised the first round of funding for HeroX on Shark Tank Romania (Dragon’s Den). Award: EUR 50,000 in Blocksquare services and products

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